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How to save your land after giving the market of the earth
How to save your land after giving the market of the earth

From 1 lipnya is gaining chivalry of the law, which has been transferred to the launch of the land of agricultural recognition in Ukraine. Intercessor of the Minister of Justice Olha Onishchuk at the All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine-30. The Earth” revealed what the rulers of land plots need to work for before launching the land market.

How to protect yourself from shakhraiv

Onishchuk explained that before the land market could be ready, not only the power, but the rulers of the land plots could be ready. There are two rules that the rulers of the earth need to follow in advance of the launch of the earth market:

✅First rule - select a byte about the assignment of a land dealer to a cadastral number. This is the title of an agrarian passport for the land, and without such a cadastral number, it would be impossible to carry out any legal operation from the land;

✅other - pick up, sob speech rights to a land plot, then rent or power, boules were brought to the State register of speech rights on a non-ruhoma maino.

Onishchuk said that most people have the right to land less on paper noses. For example, such rights are less likely to be found on papers - they have to open the way to shahrai, which can add documents and turn, for example, to a notary with an updated document. In addition, if there are no digitized data at the registry, no one knows who is the sergeant, we will look at that body, which having seen the document, in the archive of which there is another example of the document.

How to digitize documents

About digitization, you can get up to 1 lime, and then through the letter to a notary, a sovereign chi private, or to a sovereign registrar.

“Therefore, submit your documents, turn to a notary or to a state registrar and subbyte about entering data to the register. Your document will be scanned at the state register and we will find a color copy there,” the intercessor of the minister explained.

What work, like a servant not in power

Onishchuk guessed about the concept of "raider", as it is not included in the legislation, but is known among the people. There can be two types of raiding:

✅ first - ceremonial raiding, if registration is illegal by a sovereign registrar. These people need to apply for a skarga to the state registrars to the Ministry of Justice, to the Office of Anti-Raiding;

✅ friend - on the submission of additional documents, then turn around to the National Police. Tse shahraystvo, tse already criminal on the right, as it can be investigated. Narazi the Ministry of Justice cannot again react to such damage.

Onischuk pointed out that the situation is also folded at the registry of non-viability: there the situation is folded, there are more shards of objects of non-violence, among business. І narazі є problem іz accumulated quarantine scars.

“Pidrobka dokumentіv trapleyaєetsya only once, if the hulks did not swear about the digitization of rights. It’s really better to just protect yourself for that, so that later we won’t go back to the Office of Anti-Raiding, or to the National Police. Dotrimannya ruled the main hygiene - tse, deisno, the introduction of skin Ukrainians in the future power in Ukraine, ”the intercessor of the minister voiced.